Friday, March 20, 2009

Why I started this blog.

I have the most amazing sister. She devotes her life to saving animals of all types but she especially seems to have a soft heart for pit bulls. She spends time on the phone, emails and such, contacting anyone and everyone to change laws, contribute funds, and generally "raise hell" - if an animals life is in jeopardy. She even devotes her Saturday and Sunday afternoons to walking dogs at a local animal shelter. Such devotion deserves a blog. And frankly I thought since she's too darn busy saving animals - that the least I could do is spread the doing a blog and hopefully assisting my baby sister whom I dub "Saint Tia".

Her dream is to one day have a farm/shelter where she can fully devote her time and life to saving animals. I hope this small effort on my part somehow gets her closer to her dream.

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  1. Okay my sister Bebbie is no doubt an awesome sister for creating this site for me cause lord knows I so do not have the time to do so. thx you again for doing this for me I love you more than words can say.