Monday, April 13, 2009


People across the planet are taking steps to go “green” by changing light bulbs and driving habits. Yet with the unmistakable connections between factory farming and the destruction of our environment, the most effective change one can make for the earth is a change to a plant-based diet. With animal agriculture accounting for more dangerous greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector — making it one of the leading causes of climate change — there is no better time to act than right now.

On April 22, join Farm Sanctuary in encouraging people to go vegan for Earth Day at one of more than two dozen events around the country. Take this opportunity to encourage your friends, family and neighbors to go green for Earth Day by choosing a vegan diet for the day — or even better, to adopt a sustainable, plant-based diet for good. You can also raise awareness in your community about factory farming’s negative impact on the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil in which our food grows.

Whether you have five minutes or five hours to make a difference, I hope you’ll join Farm Sanctuary’s national efforts in shedding light on this, the ultimate “inconvenient truth.”

Happy Earth Day to you.

For the animals,

Gene Baur
President & Co-founder, Farm Sanctuary

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