Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yeay!!!!!!!!!! 162 dogs saved.



For Immediate Release




in San Felipe

707-320-4969 from the US

686-577-2708 in San Felipe, Baja


We All Saved 162 Dogs from Euthanasia.

Dear Lilette,

It's been a couple of days since you've heard from me, and I thought it was time for an update. As you might already know, there were two roundups here in San Felipe. One on Friday, March 27th, that netted 59 street dogs and pets, and one on Tuesday, April 7th, that netted 117 street dogs and pets.

ZAPP and its financial supporters were able to rescue 52 dogs from the first roundup of 59 (7 were picked up owners), at a cost of ninety six hundred pesos (approximately $850 US dollars). Those dogs are safe at the San Felipe Animal Rescue just outside of town, awaiting a spay/neuter clinic this Friday, April 17th.

Most, if not all, are already adopted. After the s/n clinic and some recovery, they will be taken to the States and delivered to incredible people who run rescues, shelters, and just some regular folks who wanted to help save them. At least one dog is being flown to Calgary, Canada (at the adopters own expense). Thanks so much to everyone who stepped in, fowarded and networked emails, posted on blogs, including FaceBook, MySpace and Craig's List. No way this would have happened without the internet.

Next, here's the info you've been waiting for. The 117 dogs rounded up last Tuesday, April 17th, were taken from San Felipe streets to Mexicali Animal Control, and put in large kennels, after being segregated by gender. Of the 117, we were told 7 were picked up by owners as of yesterday, and the rest were slated for electrocution tomorrow morning, April 15th.

Well, there is AWESOME NEWS! All 110 dogs have gotten a stay of execution, and they will all be released to ZAPP this Friday morning---none will die! And, we are not paying to recover them. And, they will be delivered by Animal Control to a large facility in Mexicali. ZAPP volunteers will team up vets and volunteers from "Give Some Life" in Mexicali, administer rabies vaccines, and fill out CDC Health Certificates. Next, an enormous truck will arrive that will take the dogs across the border to El Centro Airport in the US, and the 110 abducted street dogs from San Felipe will be airlifted to east coast rescue facilities. I'd say, these dogs hit the lottery......

The majority of this plan is firm at this time, however, some parts remain fluid, and will be firmed up over the next two days. But considering the euthanasia deadline we were all freaked out about, I did not not to withhold info any longer.

Please check out this link from the LA TIMES that I received today by email, (timing could not be better) that addresses the inhumane treatment of animals in Mexico, especially regarding barbaric euthanasia practices, which we must change! There are no photos that will upset you, I assure you.....

I'll be in touch next week with a closing report....


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