Monday, May 4, 2009

The Dog Whisperer Investigates Puppy Mills - Watch this Friday, May 8th

Every year, more than one million purebred and "designer" dogs are born and bred into puppy mills - often packed in tiny wire cages, neglected, dehydrated, dirty and chronically sick with little or no human interaction or affection- and then sold legally to pet stores throughout the country.

LCA's Special Investigation Unit in the field with Cesar Millan

In a powerful new Dog Whisperer episode, Cesar Millan goes undercover with Last Chance for Animals' Special Investigation Unit to witness the horrors of puppy mills firsthand and works to rehabilitate these dogs who have never known the world outside their overcrowded cages or learned how to interact with humans. Watch Cesar teach the LCA team how to rehabilitate the traumatized dogs from the moment they are rescued out of their cages.

Rescued Puppy Mill Dogs

"We are from two different points of rescuing," Cesar says of LCA, "They do the physical rescue, I do the psychological rescue. So together it's a team, it's a good pack. When you bring a dog into your life, please do your homework and don't buy a dog from a puppy mill. Visit a local shelter or rescue group instead."

Check out the premiere episode Friday, May 8th at 9pm ET/PT!
Also airs Sunday, May 10th at 6am & Friday, May 15th at 2pm

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