Friday, May 29, 2009

Leona - a happy ending for a story that started out sad.

A few of months ago, when Leona was just a very little girl, it appears that someone with an evil sense of humor decided to disfigure this little boxer cross puppy. Not only were her ears cut off, but her nose was removed. I know, you'd really prefer not to hear about this, but there is no way to her the story, except to make it even worse, and I don't want to go there.

After I sent an email out looking for a suitable home for Leona, I got lots of response. Our very own puppy lady, Carole Kingaby, who is always a very easy mark, took Leona temporarily, until the right person came along; and even then I knew that Carole just might not want to part with her. But you know what Carole said...."If I don't let her go, then I won't have room at my house for another puppy in need." Love that!

Last Monday, Leona and I, met up with Lizette Schley, a very committed animal lover from LA, that drove all the way to San Diego to meet Leona, and take her home. This is a picture of Leona stretched out in the pansies in front of the Motel 6 by the airport.

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