Thursday, June 18, 2009

Family in financial trouble needs help with their family pets.

Hello everyone. I am sending out these photos of my sons two dogs. He has lost his job, and home and has moved to Texas to try and find work. He is in an apartment and cannot take his dogs. This is very sad. I have until sometime in July to find them a home. They do not need to stay together.
The female "Heart" is spayed. She is 7 I think. The male Sammy is 4, and not fixed. They are good with kids, and other animlas, but not so sure about small animals.
The are purebreed queenleens heelers. I may try and take the female, but I have three dogs and I am legally over my limit where I live, plus I have cats.
He will pay to have the dogs shots current and Sammy fixed.
Its very, very, sad.
I will get their exact dates of birth. I just dont have it right now.
Thank you

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