Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My sister Tia aka Dr Triplett - saves one more life.

This is another doggie that I went to evaluate to see if he was as aggressive as the shelter staff claimed (NOT AT ALL) I observed him and considering his age and the fact that he had hardly any teeth left - I said I believe he has major teeth problems and that he is in a lot of pain, well Dr. Triplett was correct – read below….. This dogs life was saved/rescued and put in a foster home all because Dr. Triplett made the proper diagnosis…….. If not no rescue was willing to save him if he in fact was aggressive, this is the 2nd dog that a shelter deemed aggressive and both times they were wrong and I was correct, this saved 2 dogs lives, just taking the time to observe a animal



I received an email today from Narrick's (now RICKY) foster mom. She is saying he was very grouchy last nite but ate some hamburger but after some pain meds and antibiotics, he slept quiety and peacefully last night AND IS NOT GROUCHY THIS MORNING. The swelling in his face has gone down (I didn't realize his face was swollen - huge sign to shelter medical staff he was in pain!) but that is going down to. She will take him to the vet today and I'll pass along the report. Imagine! After only one nite of loving care away from the shelter and he is already feeling better.

I want to thank Tammy and Tia for making the effort to go to the shelter to see him, for Tammy's first evaluation that this was as we thought a dog in pain and for Tia who was obviously right on about what was going on with Ricky's mouth. His foster mom says his mouth is definitely infected and perhaps the infection has gone to his ear! I feel so glad that we pursued his rescue and didn't accept the shelter evaluation.

Thanks again to Blake who was able to get the neuter waiver and get him the hell out of there so fast. We all have something to be grateful for today.

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