Monday, June 1, 2009

Save Baby Elephants in Malawi From Being Gunned Down

The elephants - in a desperate search for food and water - are raiding storage areas and feuding with human communities. Villagers are putting down nail-bedded planks and setting snare traps that cut through the elephants' skin - leaving gaping wounds in their legs and trunks.

Three of the elephants have already had their trunks amputated by these vicious snares.

Now authorities plan to execute the entire herd if it is not moved from the area.

Please help save these elephants now - make your emergency donation right away so that IFAW can move them to safety.

IFAW has located a perfect spot for the elephants in a park called the Majete Wildlife Reserve. The animals that used to live there were poached to extinction, but the Malawi government has made the new park a protected sanctuary - an ideal place for these threatened elephants.

Unfortunately, Majete is over 100 miles away - so moving these giants will be a monumental task.

In order to transport over a half-million pounds of elephant 100 miles, we're going to need major equipment, brute strength, a lot of animal-moving expertise, and funding to help pay for this urgent move.

Your contribution will help us:

Purchase the medicine needed to safely sedate the elephants - so they don't hurt themselves or the handlers.
Pay for the helicopter needed to track the elephants down and shoot them with tranquilizer darts.
Supply all other ground transportation costs, including the huge trucks and support vehicles needed to carefully transport the elephants to Majete.
We have a large team in place...we have a helicopter and trucks ready to go...and we have plenty of experience moving elephants...

Now all we need is your donation.

The Malawi Department of Parks and Wildlife has already agreed to partner with us on this special project. But we need to act fast. If the elephants aren't moved by June 5th, they will be shot.

Please help us move them to safety - make your emergency donation today.

Thank you from the elephants,

Fred O'Regan

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