Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sweet Summer rescued but ill and needs donations.

So thrilled to give the news that Ace of Hearts has rescued sweet Summer. Thankfully she is out of the shelter just in time, she is sick! Summer is currently at the Ace Of Hearts vet getting the care she needs. What a wonderful outcome for this precious soul. Thank you Kai and Kari and everyone at Ace of Hearts for saving her life and to all those who so generously rallied around this MOM and told her that her life matters, she is loved and we will not let her down! Everyone, please send in your donations. Thank you all for saving Sweet Summer! Get Well Summer, you have a wonderful life ahead of you!

And this is from Kari of Ace of Hearts:

WE have her!!!! She's going into a paid foster tomorrow....but she's SICK!

Please Please send donations!! We are really hurting for Money and all our fosters are paid.

Please do paypal on our web site
Or send checks to:

PO BOX 2357

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