Saturday, July 25, 2009

LA, CA: BAIT DOG-Valor the black pit bull used to fight over and over is now at S. Central - he needs us!!!

If there was EVER A REASON to put some money towards saving a dog, I beg you to help this angel, I just got this email, and through the tears streaming down my face, I am asking everyone to help Valor. Valor just arrived at the South LA shelter, and his pictures alone tell his story, no commentary needed, other than the contact info for Stephanie, who is going to raise money for him. The thought of what this dog has endured, and now has a chance, WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT LET HIM NOW DIE IN A SHELTER!

Stephanie’s email:

please contact Stephanie with your donations and I caution you the pictures are hard to look at. Stephanie’s original email is below

Leegie Parker


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