Monday, July 20, 2009

Lilly, 15 pounds of lovable Terripoo

Nancy, thanks for trying to help Lilly. I will help network this poor baby too. I wish I could take her, but I already have three little dogs. She is adorable and should be very adoptable, so I�ll do what I can. Have you thought of taking her to mobile adoption events? A friend of mine (where I found one of my Chihuahuas) is Laurel Kinder at Kinder4Rescue, and I�m cc�ing her on this. Perhaps she would let you take Lilly to one of her adoption events at Maxwell Dogs in Studio City. I don�t know her policy about that though. You can check her out and see if that�s an option at her website at . She�s amazing and has the expertise to help make sure Lilly went to a good, qualified home. We have to make sure that needy animals are not put with the wrong kind of people, as that happens all too often.

Also, can you please forward this to and for me? For some reason, AOL doesn�t receive any of my email any more and it all bounces back. I can receive from AOL but not send to anyone on it. I haven�t been able to get it straightened out, and it�s very frustrating. So I don�t have any way to reply to Sheri to tell her that either.

And yes, I heard about David Kenin. So many changes in this economy. I hope you guys are doing well and staying safe � I miss you all!


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Subject: Fwd: Lilly, 15 pounds of lovable Terripoo, can you help her find a forever home?

Hi Barbara,
I know you are the most generous person when it comes to helping find homes for dogs. Can you forward this to your friends? I would love to take her but I have a little dog at home and am not there enough hours in the day to take care of two dogs right now. This one is too cute!

Hope all is well. Did you hear about David Kenin leaving Hallmark?



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Subject: FW: Lilly, 15 pounds of lovable Terripoo, can you help her find a forever home?

Please forward if you know anyone who might help this little dog�



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Subject: Lilly, 15 pounds of lovable Terripoo, can you help her find a forever home?

If you cannot adopt Lilly, please pass this on to your animal loving friends.

Email if you are interested in adopting Lilly.

Lilly, the cutest little rescued Terripoo, needs to find her forever home. She had a home for many years but then, through no fault of her own, she found herself at the very scary, very high kill South Los Angeles City shelter. She was dropped off wearing little red bows in her hair and red nail polish. The poor dog was there for weeks, behind closed doors in the medical room. I rescued her just minutes before she was going to be euthanized.

Lilly was completely shut down, depressed and traumatized when she first got out of the shelter. She seemed to constantly be looking for the people who used to be her family. It took her a bit of time, but thanks to her foster home, Lilly has blossomed into a happy, outgoing, loving and trusting little pup. She really wants to find her very own person or family who she can give her heart to.

Lilly is a first class snuggler and major lap dog. When you pet her and then stop, she will look at you with imploring eyes, lift her little paw and tap you as if to say "but i wasn't done being petted yet!". She loves just hanging out and being next to her person.

Lily is an easy dog---easy to care for and easy to love. She has no bad habits, loves all people and gets along with dogs and cats. She has lots of energy and is very fast and sprightly on her walks. In the house, she is calm, well behaved and has good house manners.

We think Lilly is about 8 years old. She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, in good general health and has had lab work done. There is an application and adoption fee.

Please email if you would like to give Lilly a home.

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