Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lilly, The Formerly Five-Legged Puppy

When I read the "Good News" story by Kristen Hampton on WBTV, I was so happy that someone in Gastonia was going to arrange to have the leg removed for the 5 legged puppy. Shortly after that I read she was going to be sold to a freak show and my heart broke. I impulsively picked up the phone and called Mr. Owensby and asked him how much would it take for him to sell the puppy to me? When he said he had already spent $1000 of the $3000 that he was offered, I offered him $4000 so that he could return the money and still have $3000.

You know, I just felt that I had a responsibility to be the voice of Lilly by doing everything in my power to stop her from going to a freak show to be gawked, laughed and stared at all day and night. I have been moved, touched and overwhelmed by the response of so many wonderful people for this adorable puppy. Obviously, I am not alone because so many people have donated to share in the burden/opportunity of keeping this endearing puppy from a miserable life. Actually, I don’t think she would have lived much past the July 4th weekend since she was barely 4 weeks old. And needed special care to be weaned from her mother.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my story of Lilly, the once 5 legged puppy who is now simply a 4 legged puppy. Thank you for the donations you are making to the Animal League, any donations given to Lilly that go beyond my expenses will go directly to the Animal League of Gaston County in order to support other animals that need help, too.


Allyson Siegel

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