Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stu Needs To Go Home

Please use the following text as your form letter:

I trust all letter recipients are familiar with Stu, a rescued dog who lived an uneventful five years with Jeff de la Rosa, before de la Rosa entrusted his dogs to an assistant while away for a family emergency.

Under that pet sitter’s care, in August 2005, Stu atypically clashed with another household dog and wound up with a torn ear. It is accepted knowledge that injured animals may react defensively. As the pet sitter slipped a harness over Stu’s hurt ear, the scared dog bit her twice on the arm.

“A couple of puncture wounds,” Commissioner Archie Quincey, a 30-year veteran of L.A. Country Animal Control, would later state. Still, a full month after the incident, the assistant served de la Rosa with a lawsuit and Stu was seized from a locked, backyard kennel. Thus began Stu’s incarceration under L.A. Animal Services (LAAS) and a bureaucratic battle so absurd, Stu’s story has gained worldwide notoriety.

What is the point of keeping this now elderly dog on death row? Dr. Richard Polsky, a co-creator of City criteria for gauging dangerous dogs, and Bobby Dorofshar of New Leash on Life, also a City advisor and one-time member of its Spay/Neuter Advisory Committee — have testified that Stu poses no threat of aggression to humans.

Their conclusion stems from assessment of Stu's pre- and post-incident behavior, plus comprehension of how the victim's actions may have triggered the bites. Dorofshar sheltered Stu at his own facility for many months, during which time he came to know the dog.
close the books on this case. Please stop shuffling Stu through a bureaucratic thicket and let the dog live his final years with de la Rosa.
After four years of wrongful internment in LAAS facilities, just one fair and merciful outcome remains: Stu needs to go home. Yesterday.


Subject: ****** UPDATE****URGENT ***** ACTION ALERT: Stu is gong to be euthanized on July 23rd - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Hello everyone. Olivia has brought up the question of what or where to sign something in support of Stu. There is nothing to sign. We are asking everyone to email LA Boardmembers (see below) and please copy Stu�s owner Jeff as well. I have attached a form letter that I sent to each one. Please just sign your name and address.

The case is on the agenda for the July 13th meeting (see attachment). It is imperative that the boardmembers are bombarded with emails from us in opposition.

1. Email all Boardmembers and REQUEST A REPLY:,,,,

2. CC Jeff (Stu�s owner) on your emails:

I also copied these other officials so they know how much public outrage there is!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;

Many thanks,


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