Monday, March 22, 2010

Amos is Saved!!!!!!!!

These are the words of my sister Tia who devotes her life to saving dogs and especially pitties. Amos was destined to be put to sleep but instead through the efforts of my sister and others Amos was saved. Read my sister's words below:

"First time I met him after letting him run freely in the shelter yard fully knowing this may be the only time he has that freedom before he is pts I wanted him to feel like a dog, before I took him back to his kennel I whispered in his ear that I would do my best to get him out of there, please when u pick up my boy tomorrow let him know that I kept my promise and that in his honor I will continue to try and save as any as possible from dying in a shelter…… I am so happy he will soon know true love….. this adopter is so very lucky to be able to love FAMOUS AMOS…… "

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