Tuesday, March 31, 2009

artist Siglinda Scarpa, her cat rescue and an Italian villa for rent or sell to save cats

Dear Friends,

Many of you know my clay work and have been here, some never made it here but you know my work and that is why we are in touch. Many of you know as well my deep love for animals, and that my family is a community of people and animals.

Just about 2 years ago many things started happening; I am not sure if I told you, but I started giving refuge to abandoned cats and dogs, soon Mary started to help—even if she never stops telling me that I cannot take another cat—then Marilyn, and so on, we are now a non profit, The Goathouse Refuge. It is a refuge mostly for cats (190+) some waiting for a family that would take them in, some residents because probably nobody would adopt a feral or a special needs cat. We love them all and take care of them. Part of the family are also 5 wonderful dogs, 4 goats a big group of birds of different species and us, humans, 38 fabulous people that volunteer at least once x week to scoop, feed, medicate, pet, hold and talk to all these creatures. We have some cats from NY too, 19 of them, very sweet and one very feral that was in a parking lot in Queens. He had a broken leg and terrible blisters in his eyes. His name is Oscar and it is a real fight to be able to put drops in his eyes…We toke him and Sweet Pea at the Orthopedic Specialty Hospital where they had surgery. Oscar lost his front left leg and one of his eyes that was too deeply infected to be saved, and Sweet Pea lost 2 toes of his front right leg that were broken. You can probably imagine how difficult and expensive it is to keep everybody fed, warm and healthy. We started to receive some donations but mostly I am providing with my work for their needs.

I would like for you to go to our web site and become members of our Organization. You would help us to keep the Refuge functioning and all these creatures alive and well.

Last year we found homes for over 50 cats and we were able to take care of more than 200 cats and kittens through hard times and fun times, always challenging and always through deep pain for losses and ecstatic joys for succeeding on bringing back to health and life some horribly wounded or sick creatures.

This month we found very good homes for 18 cats, if we can keep up with the adoptions, soon we will be able to take in more cats and give them a good life.

I have some properties in Italy and renting these out also helps fund the care of the cats. I would also like to sell them in order to create a trust for the animals here and make sure that this Organization will keep working to protect the animals and for animal rights even when I will not be here anymore. If you would like to see the house please go to the gallery website.

Please help me, the animals and the wonderful volunteers that are giving all they can to The Goathouse Refuge, to keep it strong and active. Whatever you decide to give us it will multiply in our hands with all our work.

We will send you our e-News Letter to keep you informed about what we are doing here, about the creatures who live here and their stories, and about those who move on to their new families.

Much love and thank you for your help.


PS: Please, talk to your friends about us and give them our website: www.goathouserefuge.org

To become a member and join us in our efforts to help the animals please go to http://www.goathouserefuge.org/membership.html - or if you prefer please mail your check to us at: The Goathouse Refuge / 680 Alton Alston Road / Pittsboro, NC 27312

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