Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Subject: Hazel and Jackie Update from Laurie

To everyone who has inquired about Hazel and Jackie, and also to thank everyone who has donated thus far, I wanted to give an update as to these two girls and their progress. Jackie and Hazel, formerly Gloria and Jackie, from South LA, are still super skinny, but are doing amazing! Their Giardia is getting better every day, but it is still hanging on a little bit. Both girls are still coughing a little, but that too is getting better. They are loving LOVING girls. My biggest hurdle is getting them to eat. We have tried lots of things, and they are just not big eaters. I'm hoping that will change because they are very skinny. Hazel is the skinniest (as you can see from one of the pictures I'm attaching). Jackie's eye looks a little better, and we still haven't been able to find out if she is going to need surgery. She looks cross-eyed. But that doesn't stop her from stealing whatever is in her reach and taking it out the doggy door. I find some very interesting things outside. She is, after all, a pup. My vet thinks that Jackie is just barely a year old, and Hazel is about 8 months older than she is. But I couldn't ask for sweeter fosters. Hazel just wants to be petted and have you near. She likes to lie under my feet when I do just about anything. Anyway, I want to thank the rescue community for everything, and for helping Barks of Love and me to save these amazing dogs.

Laurie Mecca

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