Sunday, March 29, 2009

Deborah's Rescue Kids

Here they are - the ones I have rescued (or should I say rescued me). The tabby cat is Cowboy (because he walks like John Wayne); the black cat is Pizza, because who doesn't like pizza? The white/black dog is Venus (lover), the grey dog is Phi-Phi because she runs in circles and the black dog is Bella (simply because she is my beauty.

The cats were all rescues from a feral family that lived outside by my old studio. Bella was abandoned at my groomers and Phi-Phi & Venus I found through - they are both from a puppy mill that was raided...which is why poor little Phi-Phi to this day when anxious runs in circles (cage crazies).

Of course now they are all well loved, well fed and have royal lives.

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