Thursday, April 9, 2009


Please cross post this far and wide – this poor dog has endured a life of hell – she deserves to be loved and given food and water – poor thing down to 39 pounds.

Please take a look at her piture below. Amie was taken into the Brooklyn ACC as
a stray. On her intake day she weighed a mere 39 lbs. She is emaciated and needs
help immediately. She is a 6 yr old Female Pit Bull.

Despite her appearance and what she has endured, she is a happy and loving lady.
She has the will to live and needs someone to give her the opportunity to show
how much she loves life. She has an appetite and has gained 6 lbs so far.

A rescue offered to take her and at the last minute backed out. Amie has until
tomorrow to go to a rescue. She has a sponsor and transport. Dog is located in Brooklyn, New York


Contact me, immediately, if you're able to help,
Lauren Campanella

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