Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Struggling Economy = A Struggling Rescue

As our nation’s economic situation remains poor, the health of our nation’s animals suffers collectively even more greatly than it has before. Rescue was heartbreaking enough before the crash but now it has just become a constant flow of malnourished, thrown out, and abandoned dogs. The pictures you see above are just a few examples of the dogs we have received in the last two weeks! People are abandoning and dumping their animals on every street corner and in every roadside ditch. Though we are all suffering right now, please remember that the animals need help in any form you can give it. Whether it is through volunteering, raising funds, providing foster care, or simply keeping them in your thoughts and prayers, every every little gesture helps under these circumstances.

NMARHelping to End Pet Overpopulation, Abandonment, and Neglect


NMAR, helping to end pet overpopulation, abandonment, and neglect.

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