Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hulk Gets A Home - another happy ending

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in writing. It's been a pretty busy weekend. In March I answered a plea from Candy Weil/ ACO in the Banning Shelter to get this fantastic guy out of there. He was the shelter'sfavourite. On 7 March, I drove down to Riverside (the spay and neuter clinic) to meet and get Hulk. Hulk was boarded at Marc's and became my weekend dog. We would go on hikes, to Venice,to my home and even a sleep over. Steve Spiro found a great foster because I felt Hulk needed a family. In fact I visualized the family. Simply they were going to love him MORE than me which wouldbe a hard act to follow. I was contacted by Mo and spoke about Hulk to him. I had a sense. He has a wife that's loves dogs and takes walks, a nine year old son, and Buddy Holly the Beagle.

Somehow I knew, somehow he knew. When I met them last Sunday, I met this very warm loving family. My wishes have come true. Since Michele Johnson was instrumental in assisting me in pulling, she did the homecheck in San Marcos. I decided Hulk and I would take the road trip to his new home so we could have our one-on-one time.

It was so exciting, the home, the yard, they were excited to show me his new bed, his new watering dishes, I met the neighbors with three dogs. OMG. We went to dinner, an outdoor place so they could bring Hulk/Enzo. People kept stopping admiring him. The family was beaming, Enzo was beaming, I was beaming!

HULK won the Lottery and changed his old name to Enzo to represent a new beginning.

Additionally we also found out he's not a Cane Corso. Right now we're thinking Saint Bermastiff or possibly Boerboel (South African Mastiff).... A name change and a breed change , go figure.......

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