Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nearly 40 Dogs Found In Filth

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This is the article and the film clip of what went on in New River. I have sent some photos; some are very graphic. The condition of some of the dogs is just awful.

Please continue to pass around to your network of people. We are in desperate need of fosters and donations to cover dog food, vet care, shots, spay/neuter.

I am working on trying to get this guy prosecuted for animal abuse. Many had bloody, fly-bitten ears, all were living in terrible conditions and some have been X-rayed and have old, broken bones that were not treated. Most of these poor babies are only 11-months old and are so very scared of men. It is sad to see.

If we all do a little, we can make a very big difference in the lives of these poor, mistreated dogs. Thanks so much.

Kathy Swaney
Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue

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