Monday, July 13, 2009


In Memory of Aurora

And chained dogs everywhere…

This afternoon, a family brought in their 10 month old female golden retriever mix, Aurora . They told us that they had Aurora chained up in their backyard, when, last week, she got tangled up in the chain. Since then, she has been unable to walk or stand. Aurora remained in their backyard with no medical care for an entire week.

The family asked for Aurora to be euthanized.

Aurora was examined and it was found that her back was broken.

She had no feeling in her back legs and could not stand.

We came to the conclusion that it would be the kindest thing

for Aurora to be euthanized.

At 3:45 PM on 7/8/09, Aurora crossed the Rainbow Bridge . She is now running and jumping once again.

Please pass this on as a reminder to everyone not to chain their dogs.

Do not let Aurora ’s death be in vain—let her story live on in order to keep other dogs safe.

We are heartbroken.

The Staff of Greenville County Animal Care Services

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