Sunday, July 12, 2009

Help Give Pets in CA Shelters Time to Find Families

California�s finances are in big, big trouble, and that means that animals entering state-supported animal shelters are in big, big trouble, too.

June is budget month in California, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been traveling the state to talk about the financial crisis as well as his proposed solutions.

Among them, he�s proposed a r eduction in mandated shelter hold times from the current four- to six-day hold back to a maximum required 72-hour hold time for pets entering a shelter. This cost-saving idea has brought forth a flurry of objections from the pet-loving public in recent weeks.

First Thing You Can Do:
Email Governor Schwarzenegger to let him know you oppose any measures that reduces the mandated shelter holding period in California. Make a phone call to his office at 916-445-2841 to voice your opinion, and call your district office to register your opinion there.
Clearly, viewing pets as fiscal waste is the wrong message to send to citizens when humane groups everywhere are working tirelessly to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, puppy mills, adoption alter natives, breed-specific legislation, community cats, spay-neuter, and the empathetic treatment of animals.

Enacting a reduction in mandated shelter hold time will certainly save money, but it will also certainly increase the number of pets euthanized.

Nevertheless, the Governor�s proposals are merely a deeply disturbing symptom of the real solutions that must be pursued in the Golden State and elsewhere. Empathy and responsibility for pets begins at home in local communities, starting with the family and growing through grassroots efforts.
Second Thing You Can Do:

There are so many ways you can start helping animals in your community today. Please read our full story to find out what you can do to help California animals.

Thanks f or working with us to create a time of No More Homeless Pets.
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