Saturday, December 5, 2009

An angel named Tia

Tonight I spoke with my sister and she told me a story...a story that touched my heart immensely and made me belief in the power of a single person.

Tia was at the vet picking up her own dog Hercules who'd had surgery. While there - there were two men, one old and one young...and the older man spoke no English but it was clear from the tears in his eyes that his dog was in distress. Tia spoke with the younger man and he informed her that the other man, an Uncle was about to put his dog to sleep because they could not afford the expensive surgery...a dog who had travled from Israel with his owner. For thirteen years his companion. The older man's dog had been attacked by another dog and had serious injuries. But they could not afford the care. My sister daily witnesses the inhumane treatment of animals - the constant abandonment of dogs by human owners. So to Tia - now witnessing someone who clearly loved their dog being forced to put this dog to sleep due to lack of funds was more than she could bear. She immediately and promptly told the young man to tell his Uncle she would pay for the surgery. $1,000. No questions asked.

We can't all do this. My sister is not a wealthy person. But she does routinely give of herself.

She is an angel.

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