Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cats need a home. Please adopt if you can.

From: Ginger Spangler

Katie has two grown cats- indoor, declawed, fixed the whole deal and she can no longer have them because of Parker's fragile lungs and lack of immune system- sooooooo
I am trynig to find a home for them. The girls are litter-mates, sisters. Daphne is a blue tortoise with beige markings and a little white and Velma (Scooby Doo if you haven't guessed) wears a black tuxedo and has white whiskers. They are about two years old and I just can't take them to the Shelter. The Humane Society has too many cats already and won't take them and I don't know where to turn. Do you have any cat-lover friends who might adopt them or are you low on cats and need two sweet ones to love? They come with auto-waterer and lots of cat food and litter and boxes. I wish I could take them but the baby will also be at my house so no cats here either.
Hope you are all well. Things are sort of the pits here. Good news on the baby but my sister is in Hospice with brain cancer and Mama is fading fast and will no longer eat. She is in a nursing home in Shelby. What a life.


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